My Shop

The pottery products I create are both beautiful and functional. You can use it for cooking and eating. To learn more, feel free to get in touch with me today.


Booth photo with my work

Kitchen Utensils Holder

I do various Utensil Holders  which vary from straight forward to the incredible . 


I have developed 3 styles of full dinnerware place settings and have dabbled with new styles thru the years and expect I’ll develop more in the future.   Prices range from $60 to $52 each for dinner plates ; $40-$48 small salad/sandwich plates ; $40-$48 Soup/salad Bowls; $36-$38 coffee Mugs ; $50-$60 Goblets ; $28-$32 juice /wine cups . 


I love making pots for all your kitchen,dining and serving needs . I do wonderful cooking pots from casseroles; steamers ; Lasagna pans; meatloaf ;deep dish Apple Pie; Brie ; cupcake bakers and the list goes on .  Serving pieces include Platters ;salt/pepper; trays; French butter; olive oil ;covered butter dish; deviled egg trays; relish/condiment holders ; and the list goes on. 

Miscellaneous Pots

Vases; lamps ; cupcake and cake thrones; serving bowls of various sizes and shapes; dog snack jars; dog  bowls in 5 sizes ; cat bowls; oil/vinegar sets ; olive boats; napkin rings ; soap and lotion w/SS pumps; bottle stoppers (owls and chickens) soo many different items I can’t list them all .